Saturday, January 04, 2014

Flat Tire

Flat Tire Drama on the 403, originally uploaded by The Bees.
I had a flat tire this afternoon. Just as I made it through the heavy rain and traffic and parked in Midvalley…I exited car only to find the front right tire was sadly devoid of air. The shopping and lunch was put on hold whilst I drove to the nearest petrol station to get some air in. The nearest being Bangsar's Shell station. It was pouring and this current car has no umbrella in it. As I successfully parked and set the correct pressure and pumped air…one very kind attendant went into the shop and came out with an umbrella for me and eventually pumped the tire for me. Wasn't that sweet?

He asked what the problem was. I then drove to Tom's workshop right smack next to Shell and got the problem investigated; turns out it was a faulty valve which can be changed. The car alarm went off ( yawn yes it's a wonky system only we in the family know how to stop) but the folks there were all smiley and friendly. After paying and as I started to drive off, the worker as he waved me off said " All your tires are kinda old ". *laugh* yes yes I really should get them sorted out before CNY.

The flat tire was a hiccup but it brought me in contact with some nice decent and helpful people. Happy New Year 2014

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