Monday, January 27, 2014


I had the urge to eat something different. And I thought what about Yut Kee which has been featured in some magazine a while back. It's in the old part of town near church, where they sell traditional breakfast in an ambience of yesteryear. That plan fell though because I couldn't find a safe place to park.

I ended up at an old haunt off Jalan Kuching at Jalan Selingsing. This time, I was smarter and chose a seat right in front of the wanton noodle stall. The last time, the lady forgot my order and I waited in vain and in hunger too.

Would you believe the price is RM5 for a small ( you can tell from the pic) plate of noodles ? My teh ais cost RM2. And this is before the GST creeps in in 2015. Oh boy!

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