Thursday, January 09, 2014

Mathematical Snap

Mathematical Snap, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.
The sister-in-law bought two games ...for the niece to brush up her maths and spelling. As you may well know by now, 7-year olds cannot be persuaded to do anything deemed half intelligent and good for them. And so, we ( sister-in-law and I) ended up playing it together. Just us two. The brother ( who was horizontal at the time of asking) found it impossible to tear himself away from the couch to play.

And so my bad maths was exposed. I have no more skeletons in the closet. Don't you just hate maths? It's either you get it 100% or you're ALL wrong. Where are the grey areas?? Where where where?

Happy Thursday folks. Today is clinic day followed by a meeting.( The beginning of the year is full of meetings..I just had one yesterday afternoon..and there's another before CNY and I suspect at least another one even before that) We're definitely back to work 100%. As for my food poisoning bug....I'm reporting a 98% recovery. Docking off 2% for the intermittent nausea and lack of appetite which is certainly taking its time to disappear.

I had Cantonese Ying Yong Kuey Teow from Publika for dinner yesterday. A sure sign I'm on the road to 100% recovery.

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