Tuesday, January 14, 2014


What a messy desk!, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.
Do you believe you're one part your dad and another part your mum? Sometimes as tricks of genetics go, you find yourself inheriting more than your fair share of bad traits from one parent. The messy gene hasn't missed any generation. Here's proof of mine. The picture is of my desk in the study. Any wonder I'm not as productive as I should be?

My paternal grandmother had 6 siblings. She was number 5. Number 6th died of possibly postpartum hemorrhage. ( My father's diagnosis altho he would have been less than 10 when that happened so we're taking it with a pinch of salt) We've never met any other sibling except sibling number 4. ( Known as 4th Grand-aunty who is a very neat person)

I'm not too sure about the neat-ness gene on the maternal grandparents side but I do know  mum is freakishly near. So you know...there should be some chance I'll be neat.

*shake head*

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