Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Wardobe, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.
I have too many clothes. There! I've finally said it out for everyone else to read. The sad truth is I'm also a hoarder and the result is a rather cramped wardobe with clothes in plastic bags appearing as shapeless lumps should you be brave enough to venture deeper in.

They are in different categories really. The initial division is into 2 big groups : Work clothes Vs non-work clothes. Which then are subdivided further...and the eventual division is something like so

1. fat clothes , work, baggy enough to eat
2. fat clothes work, can pass off for meetings
3. Fat clothes work with a cardigan for "colder" aircon conditions.

4. Thin clothes..for work
-tops and skirts
- longer dresses
5. Thin clothes for non-work
White t-shirts vs non-white t-shirts
tight t=shirts vs not-so-tight t-shirts
T-shirts with collars, embroidery,big words, hard rock cafe t-shirts etc
6. jeans
- tight jeans to be worn if you're upright 80% of the time
- looser jeans with light shade cannot pass off as slacks
- darker jeans, skinny fit can pass off as slacks
- jeans I can no longer fit into unless I eat 2-3 peanuts per meal and nothing else

7. a WHOLE drawer full of black t-shirts different cuts, different cloth
8. the mistakes.....that's a huge category...things you bought when you were obviously not mentally right. ( some have been given away but it is wrong to inflict ugly clothes on the less fortunate)

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