Saturday, February 22, 2014

A HUGE plate of yee sang

A HUGE plate of yee sang, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.

Finally after two years of traveling together through bible class, our group met up for lunch. And it was lovely. Home made Yee Sang was the starter. And you can see from the size of the plate, we had a LOT of Yee Sang. Even the sauce was home made.

We then had Pad Thai noodles ( home made again) with prawn curry ( yes yes home made) and some chicken and roast pork and some deadly chillie sauce.

I was stuffed. So I skipped the pastry bit. I also skipped dinner. My tummy is still digesting.

Again, I must comment of the horribly warm weather we seem to be experiencing currently.

We left around 5pm-ish. And the drive back took hardly 30 minutes but it was enough to sap my energy. The evening sun was out with a vengeance and despite the V-kool it felt like it was shinning directly on me.

And so here I am in bed with my laptop trying very hard to cool down. I still refuse to switch the air condition on. Cooler air yes but my nose tends to leak after a bit .

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