Monday, February 24, 2014

Lesley Lokko: Little white lies

Taken from the official website.
What a lucky find at TIME bookstore Plaza Damas. It was a regular haunt until I got hooked on cantonese fried kuey teow at Publika. There is only MPH at Publika and I've been buying my Hello Mags as well as chic lit books there. So here is my new book, am currently reading 4 books at the one time. One of which I've shelved on top of my bed and it's likely to remain there until I get really bored. The other two are strictly chic lit by the same author. Here's a lesson: never read two books by the same author  in the one go. It's like eating moo cow for two weeks straight, you tend to get bored and yearn for something different. ( This is how I came about buying the book above...oh what a find indeed)

Has anyone read of her books so far?

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