Monday, March 03, 2014

Ballerina Flats!

Gorgeous Shoes, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.
If you google ballerina flats and add the word good shoes, you'll be sure to get "repetto" in your find.They specialize in ballerina shoes. They also sell real block toe-ed ballerina shoes tutus and they have a ballet dance bar in their shop.

So many colors to choose from. I had a lovely time trying them on and preening self in the mirror ( Beam)

I googled the place the night before.There's something about preparing for a shopping spree The anticipation builds as you walk around looking for the shop. And when you finally find take a moment outside the shop to savor the adrenaline surge before entering:)

They looked so good with my jeans and top ( attire during shopping spree) Some were too buttery soft for me. But generally it felt like walking right into your perfect shoe shop.

I'm a size 36 in case you're interested in buying me a pair for any occasion.

Apparently they have a shop in Pavillion KL.
But this picture was taken at Takashimaya, Singapore. The sales person was lovely lovely person and she made the experience twice as fun.

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