Monday, March 10, 2014

Ballet flats

Ballet flats, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.
I saw this at Bangsar Village. Sold at BHS9 I've yet to find out what BHS stands for but it's like Dunnes or Marks and spenders presumably. They carry size3:) Isn't that nice? The shoes felt rather stiff.

Reason for heading o BV was to get a present for an 8 year old and a card for AJ who's birthday I clean forgot would you believe it? I feel like a heel. And a bad friend.

AJ is an even tempered person who hasn't quite learnt how to how grudges. So we're still the best of friends. And I got her a nice simple card and some presents with a little funny something thrown in.

Hope she likes it. I haven't had a chance to pass her her present. Mondays are usually chaotic for most. And today is no exception.

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