Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lost: one notebook

 I've misplaced my notebook. The one I write all the patients I see and things to do with them as well as things I should do with them. Haven't exhausted all avenues. That would mean looking specifically in ALL drawers and the surgical wards where the medical patients are lodged. I've decided to start a new book. But the new one is a freebie and it has a hard plastic cover which covers the front with an overlap. Making it hard to open completely to write. So I am not happy.

The picture shows many gorgeous square-lined notebooks found in a small shop selling loads of different stationary in Barcelona. Heaven!!! We found this by chance walking through the smaller anes off the main shopping area. We also found a shop selling owl-based porcelein clocks which looks nice. I bought a procelein replica of the Gaudi balcony. It's hanging on the wall currently.

Back to these notebooks......I wish we imported these to Malaysia. Surely I cannot be the only person in KL obsessed with writing ONLY in these type of notebooks.

Picture taken in Oct 2013

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