Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pizza from Marche

Pizza from Marche, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.
The brother decided to give us all a nice feast two Saturdays back at Marche at Vivocity, If you've been to Vivocity, you'd know there's a water theme area the same level as Marche which kids love. The niece was not exception. BUT, she was wearing a Baju Kurung which ( yes yes) got wet. The bottom was soaked and the top almost so.

She was made to strip and sit in a cubicle while the mum and I dried them off at the dryer.

Oh yes, the Marche meal was lovely. My first visit here. I know they have the same one at the Curve but for some reason, I have never eaten there. I had pizza...and some Bruschetta and that was it:) Stuffed!

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