Sunday, March 16, 2014

Red repetto for me next

Red repetto for me next, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.
It rained this morning during morning mass and after. And it serves me right for loving my shoes so much. I had to walk through the rain after mass to the car. My poor repettos have been put through some water and the soles are "seasoned" even with a single wear.

Now that I've actually word a pair of repettos..I can review and compare with french sole. ( Yay)

Comfort wise repettos wins this one. Not a single rub sore blister pain during the first wear of repetto....and this is from 7:30am to 1:00pm spanning from morning mass, to ward rounds to lunch time and a spot of walking outdoors to get coffee.

And someone had written that it's buttery soft. I can vouch for that. I love walking in them. Whoever wrote that wasn't exaggerating. And I have NO regrets paying that much for a shoe.

French sole has a nicer finish ( the inner sole looks more posh) Repetto's white inner sole looks cheap and NOBODY would guess it is an expensive shoe.

I believe French Sole has a bigger selection of designs and if you're going to select really flexible flat ballerinas you should consider repettos as your first choice.

( I hope to save some money and get a second pair possibly red or black during the next sale...wish me luck...oh yes and I want that bling bling french sole chose too)

* will re-sole my repetto soon to prolong its lifespan. ANyone know any decent cobbler in town?

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