Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Repetto with different soles

Both repetto and french soles make shoes which are similar for both left and right foot. Not all of their shoes are like this. Only a certain type. And here is repetto's version which is on your right.

The salesperson ( in repetto as well as FS) told me the leather will stretch somewhat and take the shape of your feet. SO after a few wears, you will be able to differentiate your right shoe from your left.

I believe they are called "Harriets" and it's a narrow cut so if you have broader fit they're certainly not for you. Also, the tow cleavage may be a problem if you're a shoe prude. Fortunately I'm not:) Harriet oh I come....if my feet aren't too sore....I'll wear my FS harriet's tomorrow. With spare slippers in the car....

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