Saturday, August 16, 2014


The pakcik who worked efficiently.
 I went to Sandakan to give a talk. This was my second visit there. The first was about 10 years ago when I flew there from Tawau to get on a ship for a tour. This time we stayed at Sheraton Four points, very new, very nice and very strategically placed in the city centre making walking about town a feasible option. There were not many shops selling souvenirs like T-shirts and K chains and other stuff. Different from Kota Kinabalu which is more touristy. The only decent shop we found was in within walking distance from the hotel but the prices were ridiculous. I didn't buy any.

Anyway I am deviating. We found this delightful stall by chance in town after walking in the scorching hot sun for an hour or so. Bakso sold here the sign said. And the tables and chairs were small and the people sitting down eating looked like they have been here a zillion times already. All thoroughly happy and slurping away. So we entered made out orders and waited.
It looked like foam initially
No regrets at all. The dish came pipping hot smelling of spices and we had some samba to be put in the amount to be decided by you. The taste was super. Loads of stuff once you dig in and it was SO GOOD I returned on Sunday after church to have the same thing before flying back to KL.
The goodies when you dig inside

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