Thursday, August 14, 2014

Has it been 4 months?

I haven't been blogging. The reason is laziness and quite a few distractions in the last month. I shall not bore you ( or fuel your curiosity with cryptic messages) Suffice to say I'm in a happy place now. So let's just see what my few obsessions have been since I last blogged.

French Sole shoes (KLCC)
French sole in KLCC had a storewide sale last month. Everything 50% off with the use of CIMB credit card. I was lucky to visit the shop. My credit card company failed to update me this very important message. Fools!! I bought 3 pairs. One bling bling tai chi-like black pair ( I've been eyeing this pair for some visits now...but the last was not discounted or if so very little) and a crocodile skin with red trimmings. That's my latest haul. I've worn them ALL. As expected...not a single blister in sight. And this is wearing them for long ward rounds with minimal sitting down.
Salt and pepper fried taufu

After quite a while, we've returned to this chinese restaurant near Burt's Bees at the Gardens. I can't remember the name. They serve this dish above. It is mouth-watering and very very nice. I dare you to eat it and not like it. I shall return very soon for another quota.
Tiramisu crepe cake
Do you know of any place in Kuala Lumpur that sells good crepe cake? Coffee Stain ( I have been to two branches, one in Publika and the other in Fahrenheit) serves this. So does 8 ounce and I think they have one in the Gardens and the other in KLCC. 

The best so far is the tiramisu cake. the raspberry is too sweet and leaves a taste very much like cough syrup. the mango crepe ( which I had last week only because they were out of tiramisu) was a bit on the creamy side.

Geogette Heyer books for  fraction of the original price

During the same trip to Fahrenheit, I went to book excess. Must nearer than heading to Amcorp mall. And here they are....some delightful books at a fraction of the price.  I don't understand why Georgette Heyer books must be so expensive. It's daylight robbery. Really! Book excess is nice. Small selection but if you wait long enough you'll get some good books ones at a good price.
Oh yes and you can drop  by coffee stain after buying books. This branch is particularly quiet. Much nicer than Publika. 

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