Sunday, August 31, 2014

Pasta Zanmai

We had dinner ( sushi and salad) at Pasta Zanmai at Plaza Damas on Friday. It being Friday and no meat rule for us catholics. I was a little fed up of Thosai so we decided to have a japanese meal. And for a change....we opted to go a little further. So rather than the more obvious choice of Publika, we chose the zanmai outlet at Damas. ( I feel the sushi here is much nicer)
Avacado Salad( seafood with salmon bits)

I must blog about the salad. Because it is very nice. And if you eat here, you really should consider ordering this. the avocado is nice and soft and goes very well with the salmon bits.
The amazing dressing for the salad
BUT, the real reason for the tastiness is of course the dressing. It's refreshing and just a little bit sour and a tinge of lemon taste. I couldn't decipher the ingredients and gave up after the second mouthful. I decided I should, just sit back and enjoy it.

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