Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sanggar Kerja Jabatan Perubatan

Cutting the watermelon ( group effort)
We had a department team-building session yesterday ( ie Saturday) in Puri Pujangga Bangi. A whole day event starting at 0800 and ending at 6pm. I had a lovely time. Here is our group at task number two for the morning, fruit sculpting. I think we had a well balanced group. Everyone pitched in and we worked quietly without much fuss. Jobs were designated to each member and nobody was left out.
Ta dah! The finish product
And THIS is our team's production after one hour of work. A terrapin named Michaelangelo. ( That's right from the Ninja turtles) Minus the mask because he is on holiday in beautiful Malaysia. (Ahem)
More news on Bali ( which was last weekend's trip for a conference after this post. I am still recuperating from the trip. Aiyoh!

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