Monday, January 05, 2015


Happy times
The second day of the week. ( That's right because the week starts with Sunday and not Monday as what most people may think) I spent the saturday being in a temper and got some flowers as a result of this. So here's the thing, it's best not to lose ones temper and if you do, try and reign it in as soon as you can.

Sunday was way better. And Monday has been peaceful with the smooth traffic because the school holidays have been extended by a week. ( The flood victims up north have some extra time although I think 1 week is barely enough to get over the shock. The shock of losing ones house for some, the sorrow of losing a loved one, be it family or friend.) My prayers are with the families who have to rebuilt their homes and their lives as they usher in the new year.

2014 has been a sad year for Malaysia. We have suffered tragedy and bad publicity from three air flight accidents, two our of the 3 plans remain missing and the third more recent one flight accident just days before the start of 2015 served as a reminder of the two previous accidents.

Closer home, we had he flood in Kelantan in particular and many parts of the East Coast.It is not uncommon for floods in Kelantan. However, this year, the floods affected many many many more areas with higher water levels and lives and houses lost.

We bid farewell to 2014, and we welcome 2015 with hearts filled with hope for a peaceful country and closure for the family members of the flight accidents, enough resources for the families affected by the flood and finally a less bumpy road for our country and its citizens.

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