Saturday, February 14, 2015

Interesting things from the Phillipines

Forms to fil
At KLIA after getting through the gates, we were given these forms to fill. So tip number number for travelling, please keep a functioning pen in your handbag. Otherwise you will be forced to either wait until you board the plane and ask the stewardess for a pen or make some new friends at the boarding gate and get a loan of a pen. I prefer having my own pen.
So true
When we collected our luggage I saw this sign. Hilarious. I always thought it's dangerous how so many bags look alike. And I have seen some people lugging the bags off only to realise its not theirs and having to return it to the moving belt disappointed.  My bag is an old bag in dirty green. Easily recognisable.

Posters welcoming Pope Francis
It's amazing to see posters welcoming the Pope.You can  feel  just how holy these Filipinos are. Here's just one I caught en route to the hotel. We took some time to wade through traffic. It took us twenty minutes before we lost sight of the airport.  That should show you how slow we were driving.

Our room for the night in Manila
We then got a taste of the good life in Manila. We arrived at Edsa Shangrila to find ourselves greeted by very pretty ladies at the door, we were ushered to the lobby seated and served some delicious drink. Here is our room, nice and spacious with very comfy pillows to dig your head in should you wish. More pictures in another post. Time for  break for today

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