Saturday, February 25, 2017

Breakfast on a Saturday

The restaurant
Sometimes Waze doesn't show you exactly which lane to take, and with some roads having dividers this can be a problem. Or as in our case this morning, a blessing. We were en route to another makan place when we accidentally took an earlier turning. Waze recalculated and we were all set. Driving pass a row of shops I saw this particular shop which was full of people and had a small queue of people waiting to be seated. And we were in luck, a parking spot opened up in front of us. I'ld say it was a sign we should eat here. And we did. The kiasu bit of me did a super fast research on Foursqueare after we parked and all was good. The reviews were positive.
Some greens to be healthy
 We didnt have to wait long. Most people don't sit around and chat after food. So after 3 minutes of waiting or maybe less, we were seated. Had to share a table with another lady but that was okay. Gave us the opportunity to have a good look at what she was eating.
Curry noodles
 The curry noodles were recommended. But it was't brilliant. Wasn't too spicy chicken was good and the sauce wasn't overly lemak.
The popular wanton noodles with char view
 This was good. The char siew bits were generous and tasted good with minimal fat. Noodles were springy and the taste wasn't too sweet. I didnt like such a dark colour to my noodles.
Fried big dumplings
 Dumplings were a generous size. By the time I ate this I was semi full, so I wasn't wowed by it. There was a good crunchiness to it and it was properly filled with meat and prawn. They served it with a different type of chilli sauce.
Fried little wantons
These were nice. Crunchy and not too big that it hurts your mouth when you bite. I wished they served this with Kampung Koh chilly sauce. Would have been a better condiment to the sauce they served which looked Thai like with some lemon after taste.

Chan Meng Kee Restaurant
No.44 Jalan SS 2/66,
47300 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 012-688 1972

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