Saturday, February 25, 2017

Farewell Party

We had farewell party organised by the clinic staff for Kak R who has retired. She was a motherly figure in clinic. And would cook simple snacks for us as a surprise and other times, we would pay and ask her to cook some wholesome nasi lemak for us to boost the morale in clinic. I believe that's when I first started putting on weight. Her nasi lemak is very nice with spicy samba siting. No nanny pamby stuff. So I like it. We had a few birthday dos where we asked her to cater for us and the price and taste were both nice.

On a professional note, she was always polite and helpful. And had a professionalism which was nice to see. We already started missing her a few months ago when she had to take a long leave of absence following an accident which left her hands numb and her grip poor.

Farewell Kak R. You will be missed.

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