Sunday, February 26, 2017

Flea Market

The weekend fleamarket at Publika is nice to browse. It's air conditioned and as you can see from the picture, has natural sunlight. In the mornings, with the light streaming in and minus the humidity, you feel good and want to walk on and on and see all things.

The stalls differ from week to week. And occasionally there are different interesting things showcased here. A few years ago we had loads of pandas and loads of people streaming here for pictures. And then we had the tapirs, like the pandas but on a smaller scale which also attracted a whole lot of people,

Today we had the usually interesting array of things. Some nice artwork, soap, food, salad, beads, batik etc.

Kudos to the architect. Natural sunlight is important. And it makes a whole lot of difference to the scene. Pictures taken are clearer, we appear more gorgeous in our selfies and generally everyone is that bit more happy.

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