Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Teddy bears are funny things. I don't think you can ever outgrow them. As an adult, I'm not a fan of teddies because they harbour dusts and some of them have got weird smiles sinister ones even. But this teddy is a happy one. the smile appears genuine and he has a red rose stuck to his right chest. What's there not to like?

This picture was taken on Valentine's Day. A day where flowers are suddenly expensive and any meal anywhere is a table for two with romantic lights and expensive menus available just for the day.
What would be a perfect Valentine's Day for you?
1. some flowers. Not too much and certainly no tacky teddy bears with flowers.
2. Royce chocolates please
3. A concert ticket at the philharmonic.
4. Dinner at Ante with good wine.

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