Saturday, February 11, 2017

My first post after ages.

Hakka noodles with minced pork
After simply ages, I've decided to blog again. And what tip it off is getting a new MacBook Pro. (It's lovely I recommend this for anyone who needs a new laptop) plus I'm a bit bored this evening. After bawling my eyes out watching "Terms of endearment" followed by "beaches". And when I signed in, I realise blogger has finally allowed some posting of pictures in an easier manner. 

For those who're read this blog before, you may remember I found it impossible to link my flick account pictures here. ( I still can't but I'm able instead to post pictures from my phone which is an improvement) 

Due to the long period of absence I have verbal diarrhoea. There I said it.
So here is what this post is about ( I'll work backwards ) I've been in the noid for noodles for a while. The fat teochew noodles from Setapak ( there will be a separate post I promise ) felt like a boring menu for this Saturday's breakfast especially since I took the trouble to jog 3km outdoors followed by 1km on the treadmill and weights and jumping jacks and sit-ups....I thought let's have something different.

Toast and Roast can be found in Petaling Jaya. I found this by searching " nice places for breakfast in kl lah" and found this blog which led me to the Facebook page of this place and some very nice pictures. I was sold.

Wanton noodles with the rather obvious pork bits
As you can see, the Hakka noodles features first. And this is because I recommend this. Light enough to not feel guilty eating it. And the mince pork is salty enough.  The wanton noodles I found a bit sweeter than needed.
Pork bits with some fat waiting to do some harm
 As for the  pork bits that was divine. As good as the one at Taman Yulek Cheras. Hmm I wonder whether they have the same supplier.
Here is where we had breakfast
 And here is the shop front. I admit, a had a wave of disappointment when we drove up. The reviews said the place needed 30 minutes waiting before being served. It was rather empty when we got there. Maybe today being Chap Goh Mei...everyone decided to save the pork quota for dinner.
Fried dumplings
Oh yes, the fried dumplings were also very nice. I teamed the meal with dark hot Chinese tea to wash away the oil. ( I know it doesn't work )

Here is the name of the restaurant:
Toast and Roast.
20 Jalan SS2/72, Petaling JayaMalaysia.

9/10 from me.

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Anonymous said...

Slurpylicious noodles, definitely recommend everyoneto try the hakka noodle. The charsiew is a bit fattening fortunately the serving is just not too much.

A place to be revisited :)