Saturday, March 25, 2017

Kota Bharu 2017

The pool at Hotel Perdana KB
 What a wonderful opportunity to visit Kota Bharu yet again. This time as an invited speaker. The invitation came from a fellow colleague and dear friend. Certainly a big yes from me when she asked whether I was available to give the talks. And so here I am yet again in this lovely city KB where everyone appears to know everyone else. There is a small town feeling to this place which I like very much. It reminds me of home. Everyone smiles. Their smiles are genuine. And they allow you to pass through when they see you. Everyone wants you to be happy.

And of course there is the obvious other attraction which is the lovely shopping for cloth which I usually do. And the yield is usually good with a full bag  on my return trip to KL.

I stayed in Hotel Perdana this time. It's my second visit. And I like this hotel because it clean and the food is good. The buffet breakfast didn't disappoint neither did the sit-down lunch nor the lovely tea we were served in between the lectures.  I arrived one day before the talk and managed to browse at the local night market called Wakaf Che Yah which was bustling even at 11am when I was almost falling asleep walking from stall to stall. This time I got a lovely view of the pool from my room and I remembered to take a shot before rushing down to breakfast. ( The talks went okay am glad that's over for now)
Just to the left as you enter the hotel
 Isn't this lovely? The images are like a painting but its actually many windows seen from one point with the images getting smaller as they get further away from you. A good shot to teach students about perspective.
Handy stairs
 I stayed on the 1st floor which was great. Didn't have to use the lift so getting up and down the room was a breeze. I used these stairs. And so did everyone else staying on the 1st floor.
Gorgeous colorful umbrellas apparently floating in the sky

A got a lovely view of this at breakfast when I went out to get a closer look at the pool. These lovely multicolored umbrellas waving ever so gently in the morning breeze. And below them, nice wooden chairs and tables where most folks were having their breakfast while keeping one eye on their kids in the pool. A holiday atmosphere definitely.
A lovely painting.  
 I fell in love with this painting when I stayed here for the first time. And I'm still loving it very much. I think the vibrant colors are what makes it nice to me. If I could find a similar but smaller painting I'ld buy it and hang it in the apartment .
This is the reason for the visit to KB. Respiratory updates for Kota Bharu organized by the Chest physicians in KB. A very strong team who work hard and get loads done in this corner of the world.

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