Friday, March 03, 2017

Thai Tuk Tuk, Publika

 Chicken basil with egg-oh. My must-order when I eat here. And this was dinner yesterday. The place is opposite the more well known eatery Chawan. It is a bright coloured shop and the picture above is the cashier counter. See! I told you they are a colourful shop.

The service is good. At least the few times I've eaten here. I love it when it rains, because you get the cool breeze. The place isn't air conditioned so sitting inside can get stuffy. I sat inside once and actually it wasn't too bad.

The chicken basil is nice but to spicy. I think Absolute Thai makes a better chicken basil. Their chicken is minced better and tastes better. This had a chewy gooey taste in some bites. And the fiery chilly paid was too much even for me. The egg was good and the rice is yum.

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