Thursday, April 20, 2017

dinner 芙蓉蛋

Egg Foo Yong
I love egg done this way. It's an omelette which has onions, chillies vegetables and if you're lucky some ham with it and it goes with a bowl of white rice. Teamed with piping hot soup this is a good meal to make me happy. This was dinner on Monday evening at a local restaurant called Restaurant Teck Wah at Taman Batu, which is off Jalan Kuching. It's a corner shop and parking is usually hard to find nearby but this week something odd happened, there were no cars about and we parked just beside the place.

I guess the people may now choose to eat at home rather than out because its cheaper. We decided to sit in the non-air-con side of the place. The evening was a little bit cooler than expected because it had just finished raining 30 minutes before. We had the ceiling fan so it was quite nice.

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