Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Mary Berry

I love Mary Berry. She has been working since she was very young and hasn't aged much. Keeping the same hair do helps. And keeping her figure nice and trim too. She was lovely in the Great British Bake Off. I am sorry that's ended. I think she made the show nice to watch. And her occasional quaint way of saying things was so cute. Example: This cake is rather informal...which translates to ...this cake is messy neaten it up please.

She speaks well. I watched her speaking at the Oxford Union when she was invited as a guest speaker. And I liked her loyalty to BBC as shown by her not moving to Channel 4 with the great bake off. She cannot be replaced. I've watched other versions of the bake off i.e. the great Irish Bake Off, and minus Mary Berry it lacks the special something which makes you want to watch and root for the bakers and you wait for her comments which is always given in a kind tone.

A splendid lady and a hard act to follow. So I wish Prue Leith the best of luck as she sets to replace Mary Berry in the subsequent episodes of Bake Off on channel 4.

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