Sunday, April 09, 2017

Pedicure at Bangsar Village

Looking posh 
My usual place  went bankrupt and closed down.  I only found out a few months later and so lost quite a bit of money as I had bought a package and hadn't finished it yet. I'm not going to be tied to any packages any more. I miss the usual place. They did do very nice massages and the whole experience was always soothing and the girls were good at nail art. I've done some whoppingly gorgeous intricate ones there. There are two possible reasons for the closing; bad management of funds or the hike in rental at Plaza Damas.

I decided to try a new place and headed here to Chic Nail at Bangsar Village II. Terrifically upmarket place but I was determined to be unfazed and walked in. The girls were polite and I got to do my pedicure without much fuss.

Gosh the place was gorgeously decorated. Each piece complemented each other. And the red walls made the pictures hanging on it pop. The black and white tiles were a nice touch. And at the end of the shop was a huge mirror giving an illusion of space.
Table for manicure
Little tables at the front of the shop for manicure.
The colour selection is huge. If you are indecisive...beware
 Wow ! they had a huge selection of colours to choose from. And they had an odd way of representing them.The usual way is in a circular form. This was difficult to handle I kept having to turn at awkward angles to see each and every colour. And it was hard to compare your three most wanted colours.
I picked this colour
I chose this colour because I like a bit of red and this wasn't such a bright rosy red. My toes look rather good now. I'm going to try and wear open toed sandals to church this morning. ( If I can find a pair)

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