Sunday, April 09, 2017

Personal tastes

Lor Mee ( Lam mee)
This was our second visit (the parents and I) to Manjalara, Kepong. We decided to eat at Ulu Yam Restaurant because the last time we were here, it was full of people. Disappointed. The Lor Mee was bland and the gravy watery as seen above. I suspect no egg was added to the broth. And I did not find any meat pieces in it.

I know you are meant to add vinegar to enhance the taste. I did that but it didn't enhance the taste much. The noodles were smooth so I have no complains about that. The odd thing is, every table ordered Lor Mee and the others appeared to enjoy eating this noodles very much. When we walked out, we saw empty bowls with no broth left. We had soldiered through ours briefly before deciding it wasn't worth the trouble.
Lobak but it was called fried popia.
 This looked better than it tasted. The wrap was crispy but everything tasted more salty than meaty. There wasn't the right chilli sauce served with it. We made do with the grounded chilly paste on the table. So that didn't make it taste better.
Cantonese noodles
 As for the cantonese noodles, I prefer the one from Lorong Seratus Tahun at the food court at Publika. Much better and the gravy is definitely tastier there. This was ( as seen in picture) watery and once again bland. It was slightly below average and We did struggle trying to find something nice to say about it. Except mum who announced after the second spoonful that this wasn't nice at all.
Fried potato leaves with garlic
So I have to say, this vegetable dish was the best we had here. It was soft and tasty and we enjoyed eating this.  You may guess already, we won't be returning to this restaurant but we will return to this area because we spotted a Dim Sum place further up which looks promising.

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