Saturday, April 15, 2017

Vietnamese wrap (Gỏi cuốn)

Have you ever wondered how they make vietnamese paper roll? We bought this ready made from a vietnamese restaurant in Sg Wang plaza.

And the filling is all u  to expand your imagination. For today's lunch our filling consisted of the following:
1. Jiu hu Char (home made)
2. Otak-otak ( from Singapore)
3. Mint leaves ( from mum's garden)
4.lettuce ( from the market)
5. Another green leave ( I cannot name it but its from the garden as well)
6.Chicken pieces shredded slightly by mum

This was my wrap for the dad. He's not fussy so the oddly shaped rice paper wraps went unmentioned and was eaten gratefully. We dipped it with the obligatory Kampung koh Chillie Sauce. In the real vietnamese restaurant they would serve this with their special sauce but Kampung Koh is just as good an accompaniment for this.

These are the very thin rice paper wraps. It's circular in shape so we cut it ( like the shop did) into half which made it easier to dip into water lightly to moisten it and then the magic happens. Its softens and once you wrap it with your filling it morphs into what we know as vietnamese roll.

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