Thursday, April 27, 2017


The door leading to Wondermilk in Publika.
My second time here. This time to buy a single cupcake after biting a deadly chillie during dinner. ( See earlier post )  Wondermilk is famous for its cupcakes. Apparently. I didn't know this until I did a spot of googling. I can't believe I've been walking pass this en route to Chawan, Thai Tuk Tuk, Rakuzen, Go Noodles etc and have never gravitated here for cupcakes.  I guess because it looks rather posh. And the menu isn't readily seen from outside. And with a name like wondermilk you'd think they well different milk shakes or something.
Cupcake selection. 
 I have tasted some awful red velvet cupcakes. So even though they were right there, I decided to err on the side of caution and try something different.
I spotted something I fancied. Salted Caramel cupcake.
 And I did.I chose salted caramel as my single cupcake to go.
The tiles leading to a bigger seating area to the left of the shop
 While waiting for the cupcake to be put in a single packaging I took this picture of the black and white tiles which I like a lot.
My cupcake overturned at home and ended up looking rather sorry for itself.
I also had vanilla milk to go. And when I got home, the cupcake overturned and I got this shot to show.

Lot G2-7/G2-8
Publika Solaris Dutamas
Tel: +603 6211 1092

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