Saturday, May 20, 2017

Pippa is getting married

From USAtoday
Pippa Middleton is getting married today. We are ahead of the UK by 8 hours so I will have to be patient and wait just that bit more before ( hopefully) some pictures come trickling in on the net. Am hopeful the " Royaldishforum" won't let me down.

Pippa  is sporty person so I admire her stamina and go-get-it attitude. She is one fit lady who really enjoys sports and has a body with possibly zero useless fat on it.

Quite a bit to live up to bum-wise and possibly like what she did to her sister as bridesmaid....her 2 years old version will potentially upstage her. ( And the wedding ...unless her wedding gown is sensational).We haven't seen more than 10 pictures of Princess Charlotte since she was born, so it's only fair to assume those cameras will be clicking away when the little toddler walks down the aisle ahead of her aunt.

She's not going to like me saying this, but Meghan ( yes Harry's Meghan) and Pippa share the same colouring and at some angles can pass as sisters/twins. So I expect some comparisons in the daily mail with pictures of Meghan and Pippa side by side at some point.

The net is washed with Pippa updates. And that glasss menagerie is pretty darn impressive not to mention the portable loos with examples of what it can look like. And just last night, we have pictures of bentleys being delivered to transport. the guests for the wedding. Well well, no expense spared and a lot of thought has been going into this wedding.

Good luck Pippa and James. Looking forward to a HELLO spread on the wedding.

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