Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Rattan Furniture at Ampang New Village

Unassuming shop front
We went to Ampang last weekend for a peculiar reason which I will blog about at a later date once I've put my thoughts together chronologically. In the meantime, allow me to expand on my hunt for some rattan furniture. This is shop I found which did not have a name. So I couldn't check in on the app Swarm. ( No points earned there) We were greeted with a lot of furniture arranged on both sides of the shop creating an aisle but no sign of life for the first 2 minutes in the shop.

After a bit, a man shuffled out from far deep inside and served us. He was a patient man not one of those annoyingly enthusiastic creatures who would follow you closely and expand on every single potential in store.
A potential hanging utensil for the longchamps
Now this baby is worth thinking about. Imagine all my longchamps hanging on this stand. Yeah!  But no, I didn't buy it. At RM 170 I thought it was expensive.
Two tone rattan. ( No!)
This chair was nice to nice to sit. I considered buying it but couldn't get over the two tone rattan which wasn't pleasing to my eye. I prefer all the same colour..like the chair below.
A recliner. Comes with a foot stool
I love this weave. I would like a bag in this weave. But no bags available so this recliner had that darker rattan at the sides which despite trying very hard, I found hard to accept.
Mr Dog approves of the latest purchase
And so I finally found the chair of my choice and here it is in the apartment. My Dog gets the first try on it and he appears satisfied with the feel. No complains there.
An attempt to decorate the chair

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