Sunday, May 13, 2018

Launch of the Malaysian Asthma CPG

The whole team together with the DG.

The 3rd of May 2018. Venue: Main Auditorium, Hospital Serdang. What a great day this was. The culmination of 3 years of hard work under the guidance of Dr Amin and with the support of the Malaysian Thoracic Society ( thank you for the travel grants as well as the printing of the CPGs) and to MABIP ( for the  props used for the gimmick). 

I would like to thank every single one of the team who have travelled long and far even during the fasting month for meetings in Putra Jaya to do the literature review as well as the writing process. I know some of you travelled and couldn't claim for all trips and yet you did not complain. One of you travelled by bus all the way from up north to contribute while others drove from Penang, flew in from KB, Muar, Klang ( and later Ipoh) Banting and also prioritize meetings so you could attend at least one out of the 2-day meeting dates on a monthly basis. Most of you hold more than one post and yet sacrificed your time. 

I am grateful for the time we spent together, it gave me the opportunity to get to know you all better and it reminded me what a good team can achieve when we have a common goal and with the right guidance. And here this leads me to a special mention of Dr Amin, our true mentor throughout the entire process without whom this CPG would not be possible. Truly, he is a humble man who allows others to take the glory of his hard work. He supports and pushes quietly with great tact and always polite. He is an inspiration to us all.

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