Sunday, July 01, 2018

A cute coin purse by Hermes

Hermes Bastia in Black

This is the Bastia in black. A bit boring for me. If I could pick I would like a dark green or maybe a dark blue. Something striking like candy pink would be nice too. I saw this on "Mel in melbourne"'s blog on youtube. So yesterday while browsing for twillys.( Didn't buy....they didn't have the colour I liked)


This is the Bastia in beige. You can see it opened up. I like the slot on the top as well. Different design with a subtle difference.  The sales associate was nice. He tried to help me find a nice pink twilly but apparently they move fast. Every time someone buys a bag, they would almost always buy a twilly to go. Hmmm and I only found out about twillys three weeks back.

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