Monday, February 01, 2010

Miss Hargreaves...a second post

I cannot remember the last time I raced through a book at such a steady pace with such eagerness as I turn each page. I finished reading Miss Hargreaves in 2 days. A fantastic story line ...imagine making up a fictional character and meeting it face to face one day. What powers are these? You imagine and it becomes true. You start off being terrifically interested in the actual meeting. Then you get frustrated with this 83 year old spinster and her little fussy ways. As the story progresses, you get exasperated and even agree with the maker; Norman Huntley ( who's ability to expand on a lie is how this story came about) that Miss Hargreaves should die. Let Frank Baker introduce you to this delightful character in stages and feel yourself immersed in some pretty strong emotions. This book was first published in 1940. My paperback version is by the Bloomsbury Group  2009. This book has been adapted for both stage and radio. Somebody should make this into a mini series.  " Creative thought creates"

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