Monday, February 01, 2010

Public Holidays

Today is a public holiday. It's lovely when you have a three day weekend. That way, the third day should be spent recuperating from the exhausting preceding days. A very sensible idea. And it's (snigger) even better when the day off doesn't extend to everyone else in the country. This ensues clear roads, less folks in shopping complexes and the wonderful feeling that you and YOU alone are playing hooky whilst everyone else is hard at work. Human nature, we like to feel special. That we have been awarded this day off because you deserve it. ....We have 31 public holidays in Malaysia. Should you now have a visual of me counting the days with my fingers, allow me to confess. I merely googled the fact. Which also means, it might not be the true.


fibrate said...

Oh just you wait and see. I get 2 days off in June for Gawai bwa haha

edina monsoon said...

Waaah. Our quota of PHs kinda dwindle after this month I think. Don't forget you get Good Friday off too I think.