Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Reading this....

Dorothy Watson and Agnes Fogerty decide to retire. I love reading Miss Read ( Dora Saint) and the illustrations by J.S. Goodall are exactly how I want pictures in books to look like. I hate the modern drawings. It doesn't do justice to the story. At the moment, I am at page 66. It is however possible, I shall be tempted to start ( concurrently despite promising self a few months back not to do this ) on Binchey's "The return journey" which was a birthday gift. The birthday was in Jan ( thank you for the well wishes ) and as you can see, I've been saving this book for just the right time. I had a nagging headache which may have been a migraine ( pronounced mee-grain ) yesterday evening. I'm not sure whether it was brought on by the high salt content of the fried rice or the violin class at 9pm. I was so exhausted by the headache, I laid down with my laptop and was unproductive for the later part of the evening. It feels like months since the chinese new year break. ( In reality only 3 days ago)  I have made up my mind that "Love's Shadow" was easy to read. And I was right, that stupid man Bruce Ottley continued to annoy me right up to the end of the book. As for this wife Edith, I wish she had answered him back a little bit more caustic-like. Hyacinth's jealousy was a painful well described scene. When she felt angry and sad, I felt angry and sad too. As for Anne Yeo, she re-appears towards the end of the book, and despite being labeled a spinster and being depicted initially as not totally in favour of Hyacinth's infatuation and marriage to Cecil ( who's a fool I think ) does solves the problem.

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