Thursday, February 11, 2010

Why the psychedelic lighting

This is the entrance to Le Meridien which to me, is like Cinderella's step sister. Cinderella here being The Hilton. The two hotels are linked and appears symmetrical from some weird angle. In reality, Hilton looks bigger and has more glass areas and appears slightly more inviting.  The irony is, Le Meridien has better food. When you first enter Le Meridien these psychedelic lights hit you right between the eyes. They are a bad choice, making the place look like a high class brothel. It has to go. If you make it through this, you find yourself at the hotel lobby. A slight claustrophobia creeps onto you at this point. Especially when you subconciously compare the space to that of it's siamese twin. So no..despite having slightly better food, you will be bidden by some mysterious call to the Hilton rather than Le Meridien. I cannot finish this post without voicing the disclaimer: I have received no payment from Hilton for this post. I suggest ( midly) that you see for yourself and I dare you disagree:)

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