Tuesday, March 02, 2010

A one day conference

This was the scene which greeted me as I walked down the stairs. Picture taken in the Mariott Hotel in Putra Jaya. There was a concurrent conference of ministers which inconvenienced us somewhat. The hotel's carpark was closed to us "commoners". I parked at the adjoining carpark which was quite a distance and meant walking through some rather empty echo-ey corridors. Altogether not a pleasant experience. I was tempted to believe there was someone following me closely. Only to find out it was the blasted echo of my own footsteps. 

The actual hotel was rather nice. Again, because of the other conference we saw a smattering of bodyguards and police personnel looking very important. Lunch was served at the chinese restaurant. I will have to be brutally honest and advice anyone considering having a meal there to stay well away from the place. I didn't take any pictures of the food. 

Dinner was brilliant though. I met up with AJ for dinner. We drove to Cyberjaya to this middle eastern restaurant. Not posh at all. But packed with folks. 
Saba Restaurant was packed. Now what did I like about the place, easy parking. Cyberjaya was very quiet when we arrived. And the buzz of activity seemed to be centered around Saba. We sat next to a table of middle eastern students who ordered 6 drinks for the three of them. ( granted the day was a very very warm evening) Isn't it nice that they should be able to find a restaurant in a foreign land able to cook their own favourite  food?

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