Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Found!! A dress tag

Went shopping this evening. Quite a good yield. I tried on five dresses and succeeded in looking good in two of them, and eventually came home with only one. The third dress which I tried had this as a tag. I would describe the best feature of that dress as ; SOFT material in olive green themed-ed print.. Unfortunately that was the only redeeming feature. What was not right was the sheerness of the material. Even in the dimly lit dressing room, I stood with legs slightly apart and ended up with the infamous Lady Di pose. ( pre engagement picture) Would a slip-dress underneath have solved this problem? Yes. then we come to the "cut" of the dress which would flatter possibly Kate Moss,Twiggy and Posh. It would have made a terrifically comfortable house-dress. It would take a brave lady indeed to wear this outside the confines of the house.


Haris Abdul Rahman said...

I don't wear this one lah ... I only wear 'Snobbish'

edina monsoon said...

good grief!! The audacity of proudly proclaiming that on my blog? tsk tsk TSK:)