Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wonky wonky wonky internet

I suspect the lightning messed with the modem. I was unable to access gmail and google and basically anything else appeared very slow on the net. Except facebook.( surprise! surprise!) Problem's sorted out. I can now access my gmail and everything else appears to be back to normal. Yay! 

I haven't had much luck with my reading selection lately. "The reading group" by Elizabeth Noble proved to be extremely slow to start and the characters were introduced fairly quickly. Each chapter dealt with a different group of characters. I got some of them mixed up midway. Had to go back and look for who was who. So...definitely not a good start. The reviews promised some shedding of tears. I have to report no tears until the last but one chapter or thereabouts. So that was a disappointment too. Not enough emotional strings being tweaked. 

Next disappointing book was "The family man" by Elinor Lipman. This started off quite promisingly with Henry Archer making contact with his divorced wife Denise. It's a pity the story moved away from this and centered instead on Thalia. Thalia is the Denise's daughter whom he adopted when they were married. And who he gave up custody to when they divorced. So this is about Henry getting a second chance at playing father. Thalia is potrayed as an easy going person who resents her mother, who welcomes henry ( too willingly I thought) and who has a very trusting nature. Story line was a little aimless midway though but the ending was ( predictable yes) acceptable and it ended on a good note. But a sparkling, enchanting infinitely witty novel it was NOT. These reviews should not promise what this book so obviously was not. Aaaargh!

My new book this week is "Life according to Lubka " by Laurie Graham ...and I've also started on "A kid for two Farthings " by Wolf Mankowitz.

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