Friday, July 30, 2010

Procrastination is the thief of time.

Because I was cheated out of a weekend this week was pretty much like a blur. There is little point in moaning further. Suffice to state the obvious which is the header for this post. And now, onto more important issues which is the bloody road block stationed just outside Tung Shin Hospital which caused a slow crawl at half nine yesterday evening. I wonder what all the fuss was about. The police didn't seem terrifically interested in my face so I was waved away by a bored looking chap. There was a little car( I cannot remember the make ...but driven by a rather rude woman ) which narrowedly nip my left wing mirror. And this of course was because the rude woman ( she is no lady ) insisted on merging with my lane despite the very obvious lack of space. The police ( whom I now have confirmed) are unable to multi task failed to see this. Which added to the anger level a bit. No great plans for this weekend except I intend to enjoy being at home in my apartment surrounded by my things and enjoying the time just doing nothing. ( That would probably last all of the 3 hours before I become restless) Wish me luck!

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