Thursday, August 05, 2010

23 hours and counting

Okay tomorrow at this time I would be nursing a post adrenaline surge headache. Violin exam is tomorrow afternoon at Hotel Istana which is where the exam was held last year and which is where I played an ENTIRE song out of pitch last year. *shake head* not going to happen this year no way no way. Preparation for this year has been like last year rather shoddy at the beginning and only furious practise sessions lined up the few weeks before. And as in last year, the weeks leading up to the exam were speckled with other essential work-related stuff which kinda mucked up the practise-mode somewhat. And so this am and pm I will be playing the violin intermittently. No point straining the ole wrist at this stage, Everything in moderation and no panicking allowed. I'll be back in business after this weekend. Picture is an old one taken a few years ago when I managed to climb the bridge. Dare to dream! That's the motto.


Haris Abdul Rahman said...

Break a leg .... orrr ... at least of the biola string. Good luck!

edina monsoon said...

haha evil evil. If the sting had broken I would have been devastated. Thank you for the good luck wishes:) And now we wait.....and return to work-related stuff which has been piling up. rats!