Saturday, August 07, 2010

If I could predict the future

I would like to know the exam results. Sadly this is not possible. This is the third exam for me and for a change I got a lady, who spoke very little in between apart from the smile and obligatory phrases examples of which I will list out below
1. You may play your first song now
2.Thank you now we will do some scales..B flat major separate bow, A major slur,C sharp minor melodic slur, dominant 7 in G, DOuble stops...etc
3.Yes perhaps you better do that again ( when I fumbled on one scale BOooHOO)
4.And now we will do aural, ....Take a look at this sheet of music, practise it for HALF a min if you want and play when you're ready ( which would be never for me )
And so the ordeal lasted almost an hour only because I was asked to play many many scales, etc. The student before me was thankfully an adult and a clarinet player. She and the clarinet sat very still in the waiting room whilst I chose to inflict my scales on the poor reluctant audience in the hotel lobby before my turn.
( picture of self when I still had long-ish hair)


Haris Abdul Rahman said...

That didn't sound half bad

edina monsoon said...

It was a shade better than last year but as my teacher was QUICK to point out...there is a HUGE difference in standards between grades 5 and 6. Boohoo!! Positive thoughts positive thoughts

letti said...

ooo all the best!!

edina monsoon said...

letti: THANKS:) It's over and I can return to other mundane stuff. Feels a little weird not playing the violin. ( it's been in the case since the exam..taking a break)

Haris Abdul Rahman said...

When is the result coming out?