Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hoovering Sucks!!
It's midnight. And I can afford to be smug. Rather than the usual plan of hoovering on a Saturday morning, I overcame this sluggish ( and lazy ) feeling and brought forward the dreaded hoovering to earlier this evening. And as a result, I now have clean floors, clean clothes ( hoovering and laundry go hand-in-hand although they don't really have to) and lovely sensation of having done something nice  BEFORE the weekend is here. I have plans to hunt for a second hand bookstore at Jalan Tun H S lee which is really in the city centre. " Wish me happy hunting...I hope to get some lovely secondhand books tomorrow morning


Anis said...

I love the place, it is well-stocked second hand bookstore but some of their books are a tad bit pricier than the new bookstores!! :P

edina monsoon said...

It's lovely isn't it? I had such a lovely time there. Will be back definitely. I wonder whether they'll give more discount for regular customers.