Sunday, September 19, 2010

A treasure of books

The Junk Book Store
Two chairs, different height and make...but same function. Offering respite to the knees should you wish to use it
I have to thank"Going Places". As soon as I sat down at the begining of my 6 hour flight, I picked up  the magazine and found a write-up on second-hand-bookstores in Kuala Lumpur. For a short while, I was in book heaven as I greedily read the reviews and mentally ticked off the places I've been to ( feeling smug in the process) until I read about Junk Bookstore. We sped through the runway and the rest of the flight was spend snoozing. ( my sympathies to those of you who find it difficult to sleep inflight) Anyway, on the flight back home, I requainted self with the article and this time jotted down the address. 

This morning, after a slight detour and threading my way through the crowds and confusion,I found myself in front of Junk Bookstore. ( Two trains and a bit of walking in the sun )I travelled light, taking with me what I considered to be the bare essentials of life;purse, handphone, keys,camera and extra bag just in case I buy more than a few books. There were two ladies in the shop. One was more quiet and the other seemed rather more interactive and certainly very helpful. 
"What books are you looking for?" she asked. 

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