Sunday, September 19, 2010

Penang Village

The dinner place.....where we suffered
Empty tables all around. Now we don't have to wonder too hard why
Half eaten paiti. 
The three stone-like chicken bits were tasteless
Decor was VERY nice:)
There was a write-up in the papers today. This led us to Great Eastern Mall and this restaurant. Ambience was nice. There were 8 other people in the restaurant. The first inkling that all was not right. Next bad omen was the list of branches....I spied a branch which we ate in before and the meal was terrible.  Paiti was the first to arrive with a CASHEW ( swoon ) nut in it. The paiti was lemau....and the only good thing about it was the chilli sauce. The nasi goreng petai was sweet and even the petai couldn't cheer me up. the keropok was crispy so no complains there.  The Oh Chien was OH-so-terrible. We also ordered fried kueh teow which was given a 7/10 and kueh teow sup which was brilliant.  Service was slow. Nobody greeted us at the door and getting someone to see my hand waving for the bill took some time. I won't be returning...EVER!


Haris Abdul Rahman said...

I was there last year for berbuka puasa cum Anita's birthday. Was disappointed but I thought it was because we took the berbuka buffet. Didn't realise the ala carte was also below par ....

edina monsoon said...

I'm still reeling from the shock of a non-enjoyable nasi-goreng-petai:(