Monday, October 25, 2010

Accidents cause traffic

Despite leaving home early for work, there was a slow crawl. For the first 700m from home, cars moved slowly and the motorcyclists did their usual annoying weaving in and out and honking whenever they consider the cars getting in their way. ( roll eyes ) Because the roads dip down and up I saw the cause of it all. It appeared initially to be a stalled car. What was odd was that the TWO lanes weren't moving, leaving the cars on the extreme right two lanes ( it's a 4 lane main thoroughfare through the city centre ) being forced to go to the left. One puddle of water on the road is sufficient to cause a backlog of traffic for miles behind so I'm guessing even as I type, that the two closed lanes would be the cause of many many folks being late for work this am. What a way to start Monday morning.

The cause: an accident involving a car ( back of which was mildly dented ) and a motorcylist whose motorcycle was badly damaged and lying partly under the car from behind. The motorcyclist was lying to the left of the car still on the ground but moving all 4 limbs with his helmut still on his head. Moral of the story....motorcyclists should mind their manners on the road and not try crazy stunts.

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